Aa-kri-ti  Vo-ra

2015 Graduate of MBA in Design Strategy program at the California College of the Arts, a program that blends design & systems thinking with business concepts through innovative frameworks.

Ambitious and enthusiastic, I have a high level of empathy for everyone I work with. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign and well versed in Microsoft Office and Keynote. Other than my technical skills, Iā€™m highly organized, intuitive with great communication skills and a good learner.

With over 5 years of work experience in Graphic Design, Consumer Marketing, and Brand Development, I'm looking to expand my knowledge and skills in design research, concept development, and user experience while learning and growing as a professional at the same time.

I love cooking gourmet Indian food and trying out new recipes. I'm also crazy about dogs and contain my fix by volunteering at the local shelter every week.